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January 02, 2008


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Marc Lerner

Happy New year my dear friends, it is Marc. I want to wish you a happy new year...the day, the year and the moment. Actually the year and the day is captured in the moment, so if you truely give yourself to Hashem, the moment is the only place you can connect. I miss our group, that was a place where my moment got stronger. So Happy Moment forever. Marc Send my best to the entire group.

Dinah Berland

Thanks for the comment, Ronnie! The richness of the Hebrew language is constantly astonishing me. Imagine a word that means both "year" and "change." That is so perfect! So "Shana Tova," as a greeting, could be wishing someone both a good year and a change for the good. I think studying Hebrew could actually help bring about such a change!

Ronnie Serr

What a great miracle update blog! I was thinking about the different ways that the greeting "Happy New Year's" sounds. The simple meaning is "Happy Holiday" as in "Happy New Year's Day" referring to the single day-event. Many magazine's celebrate the new year with crowing someone as a Person of (last) Year, that is looking back at the year in an attempt to capture its highlights. When you speak with a Jewish person, almost invariably, "Happy New Year" means "Let this coming year be a good one." It is forward looking to the future of redemption, to the coming of Messian, to a new "shana" which is Hebrew for 'year' as well as 'change.' We pray for the ultimate best change this very year.

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