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January 07, 2008


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Thanks for the post.


Hi Dinah,

I really like your site, and sharing spirituality and miracles. I also enjoyed reading Marc Lerner's recent comment.


Marc Lerner

I find that if I use the love in my own heart to calm my unconscious self; I feel a confidence that creates the kindness that can be shared with others. When I only look outside of myself for that comfort my hassles seem to smother my spirit. I welcome the opportunity to comfort my weaknesses within because it strengthens me. Just as a seed pushes up through the dirt to make its stem strong enough to bear fruit; my dirt is my unconsciousness and when I push through it the fruit I share is the miracle of simple love.
Hi Dinah, this Blog is a nice reflection of you. Marc

Dinah Berland

Michael, Thank you! What a perfect Zen koan that is. And so comforting, too.


Once I was contemplating the pursuit of perfection and I observed a spider in its web. Its web was not perfect. I realized that, in fact, no spider spins a perfect web.

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